Ways to Fund your New Startup

Startups need seed capital to navigate their early days in business and put their structures in place. However, the tough economic times have made getting funding for new enterprises a challenging affair. Here are some of the ways through which you can fund your startup;


Also known as bootstrapping, it involves getting funds from your home equity, credit cards, and savings account. This is beneficial as it reduces the overall cost of starting the business because you do not have to repay any borrowed cash which often has accrued interest.

Angel investors

There are investors on the internet and from your network on the lookout for upcoming entrepreneurs with great business ideas. Angel investors not only fund your business with the starting capital but also ensure that your business stabilizes. A concrete business plan is required to convince the investor that their resources are not being wasted.

Friends and family

It would not hurt to ask for funding from close personal networks such as friends and family, as these are the same people that will most probably be your first clients. Donations, personal loans or asking them to offer their skills could also get your start-up running.


The internet has led to an increased number of sites that fund various projects including new businesses. The internet community is not only valuable in the business’ funding but the buzz created once you reach out to them has far-reaching effects.

Conventional loans

There are banks that offer loans to new start-ups once they approve of your business plan. Make sure that you carefully go through their terms and conditions to get a favorable deal.

Make sure that your product or service gains traction with customers to avoid disappointments. Legacy Capital Lending is quite a resourceful place to learn about how you can get funding for your new business.

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