Secrets from a Broker who has 40 years Experience in the Business World

Mike Bruce has worked in many different business industries over the course of his lifetime. With all those experiences comes secrets he wants to pass down to business owners so they can avoid the mistakes he has made.

1.Don’t be afraid to fail.

Failure is inevitable. It can be on a small scale or on a large scale but every business owner will experience many failures.

Failure is not the end result but a stepping stone to success. If we allow failure to influence us to quit, then we have failed. But if we allow failure to knock us down and we choose to get up again, failure becomes a lesson.


Persistence is what brings in success through failure.

2. Remember business is activity based.

The more activity you have the more success you will see.

Without activity, all you have is a dream of a business.

Activity is action.

Activity does not mean busy work but it does mean work that moves you towards results.

Activity also has a domino effect. If you work and cause the right kind of activity it will translate into activity in other areas of your business.

What are you doing today that will lead your business to success tomorrow?

3. Never ever count the check until it is in the account.

It will bankrupt you both financially and emotionally.

Life happens. Things change. Something you thought was coming, might not. Don’t plan on that bonus until you have it.

4. The day of the handshake is gone. Get it in writing.

There are too many people out today trying to cheat the system. Growing up in a time of a man’s word being equal to a signed contract, times have changed.

People can be completely honest with you and do what they promised or they won’t. Don’t allow your business to be at risk in this area.

Get the contract signed before it’s too late and ensure clear communication between parties.

This can break businesses.

5. All the experience I have gained through my business years has prepared me to help other business owners today.

A good broker will mentor you through your options but if they haven’t seen many different businesses, they won’t know what’s best for you.

I have seen, experienced, owned and lost many businesses which has prepared me to help you today.

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