Legacy Capital Lending The ABC's of Business Financial Planning

The ABC’s of Business Financial Planning

There’s probably no better way to tell if your business is successful than by the finances. A profitable business doesn’t happen by accident. It takes serious business financial planning to be in the black. There are two key aspects to financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. Your business could budget your money out to the last penny, but if you haven’t examined the future of your company, you might not have any money to actually budget. On the other hand, when you spend based on predictions to your income, without regard to a plan, you have no idea why your bank account is always empty.

Take charge of the finances of your business by budgeting and forecasting.


For smaller businesses, especially startups, it can be beneficial to budget quarterly instead of annually. This lets your company adapt and adjust as you learn the market. However, your annual budget is a picture of your long-term success. Don’t ignore the budget in business financial planning.


Forecasting and budgeting go hand-in-hand. By analyzing costs and projecting cash flow, you can make changes in your operation to be realistic. Forecasting looks at your past sales and projected future. You have to look at the market and the economy as part of your business financial planning. Remember how many people were not prepared for the real estate crash in the 2000s?

Financial Structure Leads to Success

Budgeting and forecasting may not be the most fun you have as a business owner, but you cannot ignore these important aspects of your organization. Finances are generally the biggest stressor in most people’s lives, personally and commercially. When you know that your business has a good financial structure, you can feel secure in your business plan. Here at Legacy Capital Lending, you can find financial services to help you meet your goals and grow your business. Talk to one of our financial professionals about your lending options.

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