5 Questions to Ask Before Scaling Your Business

If your small business is doing well, it’s likely that you’ve considered whether your business should be expanded. There are some things to consider before jumping the gun and scaling your business. We’ll look at five questions to consider below.

Is it the right time to expand?

This is an essential first question to consider. You want to ask yourself further if your business is sustainable, if your product will appeal to a broader audience, and whether your product will have appeal in the long term. If you can answer all of those questions, scaling your business isn’t out of the question.

Do you have the team you need?

When scaling up, you need people who can deal with the challenges that will come up. These people will have skills you need, but also will work together well and be passionate about your business. Before you scale, make sure you have the team you need so you don’t end up overwhelmed.

What kind of money do you have set aside?

You should be in a good financial place before scaling a business. You can also consider loans and investments, but the money has to be there in one way or another. You can also work with crowdsourcing or other means if you have the know-how.

Do you have a complete plan?

Scaling up makes life more complicated, which means in addition to excellent people you need a good plan. Consider the processes you use in your business and how things can be streamlined. You should have a way to delegate work quickly and procedures for nearly everything you do. If you don’t have this, it’s much more likely disaster will set in.

Who are your customers?

Being aware of who your customers are is essential when ramping up sales. You need also to know if you can meet their needs. One way to look at this is to determine how many repeat customers you have. Those who enjoy your products will come back and spread the word to friends or co-workers.

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These five questions are an excellent start for considering whether to scale your business. Those who are interested in business loans toward expanding are welcome to contact us at Legacy Capital Lending. We’d love to answer all your questions.

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